Maddie's Pet Forum Admin

  • January 13, 2020 at 11:20 AM

    I attended a Maddie's Apprenticeship at Cat Town in 2018 and (while all the staff and volunteers I met were so welcoming and wonderful!), I really came to admire their founder, Ann Dunn.

    She has an amazing dedication to her community and working together as a community to save more lives. I felt like she seamlessly worked that message into almost every lesson that week (which of course made it a big 'take away' from the week for me). During tough conversations about euthanasia for over-crowding, or "less-than-perfect" adopters, or really anything that can be polarizing in the animal rescue community... she impressed me with her ability to really listen to everyone's point and then make her point with kindness and composure,and often with the goal of gently educating us. I have been really striving to present that same kind of approach in tough situations (whether that's between shelters/rescues, volunteers, adopters, etc.) since then and tend to think... What would Ann say here?