Hi all! We're a shelter in Chicago looking to re-start our volunteer training process. With so many orientation classes cancelled in March and April, we have a back log of volunteers who are interested in coming in during this time.

Has anyone developed a protocol for holding orientation classes virtually? What about in-person training? We typically have new volunteers shadow in an experienced volunteer in small groups, but we're thinking that won't be possible with social distancing protocols.

Any and all ideas would be helpful!

  • May 19, 2020 at 09:39 AM

    We are just starting in person orientations again this week. We normally hold 60 person groups once a month, but I'm going to offer 10 person orientations once a week for now while I can. I'm requiring them to bring and wear their own masks and we will be 6ft apart with the exception of the shelter tour, as there is no way to get around that in our facility. I thought about doing virtual orientations, but I think seeing the shelter in person makes a huge difference.