Hey guys! I am new to this community however, I am already content with it. I have been working on building my own animal shelter (figuratively& possibly literal) from the ground up, for a few years. Currently, I am looking for like minded individuals who would like to help out with either assistance or offering their help by joining my board of directors. Lets converse and figure out if we'd make a great team to fulfill this message. Lets help combat animal shelter euthanasia rates, find our animal friends loving homes, & all the while have fun while doing so! ps. if at the very least you're able to share advice & information about starting a non profit animal shelter, or renting a space for it, would be MUCHLY appreciated. thank you! have a lovely day.

  • July 13, 2020 at 10:20 AM

    Hey Curlysue, Congrats on taking the initiative to start your own animal shelter! I'm also working on building a startup called Smooth Adopter, a marketing agency solely focused on the animal welfare industry. I help animal shelters make more money by turning their adopter, foster, and volunteers into brand advocates and lifetime donors. Would love to chat with you about your marketing and fundraising plans to see if I can help.