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Posted October 08, 2019 at 10:34 AM Under "Fundraising & Development"
Shelter Sponsor Program

I am working on integrating a Sponsorship Program and have the following categories currently in the works:

  • Pack Leader - This sponsorship level will be to support our shelter in it's entirety and raising awareness in the Midwest of our shelter.
  • Elite Sponsor I - This sponsorship level will be specific to our FelV and FIV positivie cats and their Sanctuary.
  • Elite Sponsor II - This sponsorship level will be to support the entire Cat or Dog Wing. Each wing allows us the opportunity to house 100 cats and 100 dogs.
  • Platinum Sponsor - This sponsorship level is designated to our puppy and kitten areas. Our cat community and puppy room would be impacted by this donation.
  • Impact Sponsor - This sponsorship level contributes to a Kennel # or Cat Condo of your choosing.
  • Companion Sponsor - This sponsorship will be applied to the costs and needs associated with our Foster families.
  • Contributor Sponsor - This sponsorship will be used strictly for our training/community room.

But I'm hoping to get advice or feedback on how to structure what each sponsor receives in return from us. Items that I currently have on the docket are:

  • Sponsor Plaques to showcase at their business
  • Social Media Shoutouts
  • Representation on our website
  • Business logo utilized on marketing and signage for Pack Leader Sponsorship
  • Sponsor signage posted in the cat/dog wing, kennel, etc.

Any and all ideas are appreciated :)

  • October 10, 2019 at 12:53 PM

    I forgot to mention it wasn't just me who supported the businesses (and let owners know) who supported us, but all of us volunteers, the employees and caregivers who benefited from this organization.

  • October 10, 2019 at 09:01 AM

    I like your list and don't have much to add.

    If you have a newsletter, in addition to your website, you can mention them there. I know you already send thank you letters, but just had to add that. If it's "pretty" they can hang it up at their business if they want to, I addition to their plaque.

    Another thing that I believe goes far is for you, your employees and volunteers to use the businesses that help, when everyone can. And let them know that the reason you are shopping/supporting their business.

    For example I once volunteered for an organization and for their biggest fundraiser of the year Duncan Donuts brought free donuts, bagels and coffee for everyone participating in the event.

    When I was in the neighborhood of that particular Duncan Donuts I would deliberately stop for coffee or a donut, ask for the manager, and let them know that I stopped at their shop because they supported our cause.