Posted June 27, 2020 at 06:14 PM Under "Pet Health & Nutrition"
Neonatal constipation


I am new here.

I have a 5 days old neonatal kitten. She hasn't pooped in over 2 days. I have been stimulating her, rubbing her belly, adding more water into the KMR milk replacement, adding drops of olive oil, mixing it half and half with goat milk but nothing works.

I am desperate!!! I don't know how long she can go without pooping but I assume not much longer.

Please help. Thanks

  • June 29, 2020 at 08:13 AM

    You should definitely reach out to your Foster Coordinator or Foster Mentor, etc, and see what the organization's protocol is for constipated kittens (especially if he's still constipated now; way too many days). They may want you to bring them in for medical attention.

    For the future, I've also found a little pumpkin puree can help - Tiki Cat sells one but you can use any *totally unflavored* pumpkin puree. Also massage/stimulating while in a warm butt-bath (versus just stimulating like normal).

    Hope kitten doing better!

  • June 29, 2020 at 08:03 AM

    Hopefully, you've got that particular issue worked out now since I'm just seeing this. In case you're not familiar, there are great resources here...

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