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This new feature on Maddie’s Pet Forum gives you access to a free, digital collection of animal welfare related documents including protocols, templates, guides and other handouts that will benefit animals and those who care for them.

The Resource Library was created to make finding, downloading, saving and sharing files easier and more efficient. The library has been pre-populated with over 250 resources that have been uploaded by forum members in discussions and others from the Maddie’s Fund knowledge base and research.

Our goal is to help extend your team’s reach and increase your lifesaving! Help us build the knowledge base by uploading files and links of your own. All resources are reviewed by a member of the Maddie’s Pet Forum team before they are accessible in the library.

You can dive directly into the existing database by viewing resources by Audience or by Topic. The audience types include: Leadership, Shelter & Rescue Staff, Veterinary Team, Volunteers and Foster Caregivers. Each resource has at least one audience type associated with it, which indicates the audience that would find the collection of resources most useful.

Each resource also has an associated Resource Type which helps you quickly distinguish between Forms, Protocols/Templates, Brochures/Handouts, Articles/Blogs/Publications, Infographics/Posters/Signs and much more.

Watch the videos below to learn how to upload resources, browse the library and leave reviews.

Please help us during our beta phase of the Resource Library by submitting any bugs, suggestions or questions to the @Maddie's Pet Forum Admin or email us at

Browsing the Resource Library

Adding a Resource

Reviewing a Resource

See our attached guide on Getting Started and visit our FAQ page here.

Note: The Resource Library is best viewed on a desktop device. Some elements may not work properly or look off when viewing from a mobile device.

  • November 01, 2019 at 01:53 PM

    LOVE this!!

  • October 31, 2019 at 08:24 AM

    Wow, this looks amazing!