Posted May 07, 2020 at 09:59 PM Under "Off-topic"
I’m just not sure of what I should do

I’m a 61yr old woman & I’m tired! My dog MaggieMae & I we’re taking trash to local dump today when I spy something black in road. As I approached I saw it was 3 kittens huddled together. Me being me I stop scoop them up do a u-turn & head hm not caring about trash. Well, these kittens have symptoms of parvo. It’s late in evening & I have 2 pets. A 2yr old lab/Rhodesian mix & I older male cat. Both are updated with shots. These kittens are so so sick. Eyes matted shut with dried pus. Diarrhea & lethargy. Fur covered with feces. With rubber gloves & mask I wash them the best I can. Give them pedialyte & just a tiny bit to eat. Put them in basket with covers & heating pad. 8wks old I’d say. Now I’m in my house crying bc I don’t want my pets to get sick. Do I take these 3 poor kittens to animal shelter? With my income my 2 pets are all I can handle. Something in me won’t let me drive past abandoned animals. I could have tried finding homes possibly if they were well but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Can someone point me in a direction please! In tears.

  • May 08, 2020 at 04:43 AM

    I think it’s best if the kittens get medical attention. Just keep your other animals away. By the way you’re a great person.