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how much does a kitten eat

hi I adopted a cute little kitten on Saturday on the super adoption and so far he’s been really good and has adjusted to us really quickly and my dogs he plays with them. He’s a find little guy everything looks good but I’m noticing when he eats he eats a couple bites and he’s done not more then half looks like to me. He eats about 2 to 3 times a day he seems very contempt and happy he’s used the bathroom with no issues he drinks water and everything but I’m not sure what amount of food intake he’s suppose to get ? Also when it’s time to eat I have to show him where the food it and take him their and give him a little by hand then he starts eating. And so far he’s only pooped once a day so far he went the day I brought him home on Saturday and once on Sunday but he’s being fine to. Curious if I should be worried or not? I’m new to a kitten I haven’t had one over 10 years maybe I’m just over reacting if anyone can help me out.

btw he’s very playful and loves to cuddle and explore. He’s always very active most of the time.

  • May 21, 2019 at 04:35 PM

    Hi Al,

    How old is your kitten? You should feed a kitten under six months multiple times per day, at least three times... they are growing a lot. It often takes a few days for cats to settle into a new home. So i would expect his appetite to be increasing over time. Here's a website to check out:

    and the other recommendations on here are good too!


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    Congratulations on your new little bundle of furry fun!

    I feed my cat (ever since he was a little kitten) in two ways. I keep a bowl of kibble out for him all day. And then twice a day, I give him wet food. He is large, but you can measure out what is appropriate for your kitty. If feed him twice a day as that let's me know that if he does not eat his wet food (which he loves) that he might not be feeling his best. If he does not eat it after I serve it, I leave it out for a few hours. If he has not eaten it in a day or so, I keep a closer eye on him as he may have a cold or not be feeling well and can take him in to be seen.

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    Hi Al!

    It sounds like your new family member is adjusting pretty well, actually. Kittens are active, so as long as they are active & doing well I wouldn't worry so much. However, you may have what I like to call a 'grazer'... Eats a bit, goes on & does some stuff & then comes back for a few more kibbles... repeat... So it will be important to make sure that he has food available at different times or all during the day & night. I know that can be difficult with dogs, but you may want to start working with him & the dogs to make sure his eating area is readily available away from dogs?

    I didn't ask, but age may have alot to do with his eating volume, too, as well as food type. My hubs & I have fostered for many years & I have found that when they get a 'growth spurt' they eat ALOT, but other than that (unless they are sick) they tend to eat 'regularly' - a bit when they wake up, in the morning & at night when all the dogs are eating, when we yell 'treat' for treats, etc...

    If you have any issues or questions this is a great forum to ask. You can also rely on the rescue or you shelter you adopted from and sometimes from the person you adopted from, not to mention your vet. I have found that if anything 'emergency' happens I can call the vet (or emergency vet) on the phone & often get 'talked through' an issue or a worry prior to bringing them in - it settles my mind & heart!

    If you worry that your baby is not eating enough, try a different food & always, if available, feed him a good quality kitten food. If he is losing weight or becomes less active, fevered, clingy (more than usual), or sick - get him in to see the vet. And make sure to get him in on his regular vet appointments, especially the first two years (shots are important, rabies, etc). If you do decide to change his food, mix in a little for a few days so that he doesn't get diarrhea or an upset stomach, but don't be surprised if he does get loose stools for about a week - babies tummies can be sensitive, but don't let that deter you from making a change if it benefits him!

    You are doing a great job - keep it up!

    • May 21, 2019 at 07:37 PM

      Hello thanks for your reply I did take him to the vet today and I was told he was okay and his weight was okay and I was also told that he was a grazer by the vet cause I told her he would eat a couple bites and that it and maybe come back for another couple bites later. They took his temperature and everything seemed good to go no issues. I also called the adoption place for a second opinion and I was told to mix his wet food with kitten formula and mix it well and it should help. So I’m going to try that they are also going to see him on Tuesday to make sure everything is okay.

      • May 21, 2019 at 08:50 PM

        You are doing great!!! Good work, Dad!!!

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    Sorry if I don’t make some sense i typed this up on my phone and it started freaking out on me lol