In our latest monthly update to the forum, we've made quite a few changes to help you get the most out of the forum including:

  • New share functionality on public forum discussions
  • New suggestive feature when adding a post title
  • "See More" option on the feed
  • Forum announcements & resources now included on community digest emails
  • Plus LOTS of new updates to groups!
    • Recommended and popular tags to guide discussions
    • Filter group discussions by tags page
    • Topic selection when sharing a public group post to the forum
    • Shareable group link page
    • Ability to invite members to group based on location in profile
    • Group admins & moderators can now add suggested content to the group page

Read more about the new updates and how to use them!

As you explore the new functionalities, comment on this post or send me a private message about what you do like, don't like, or suggestions to improve. It's all a work in progress and we couldn't do it without you!

Share functionality on discussions

Easily share discussion threads outside of Maddie’s Pet Forum with our new sharing functionality!

From any public discussion thread page (private groups excluded), you’ll see popular social media icons aligned on the right side of the page including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. By selecting one of the social media networks, you’ll be prompted to login to that social media account to give permission to share the post.

You can also copy the link to the post by clicking on the link icon, send it via email, print it out or click the + button to choose from hundreds of services to share the post to.

Suggestive feature for matching discussions when adding a post title

To help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible and to keep duplicate discussions from being posted on the forum, you’ll notice a new suggestive feature when adding a title to your discussion. As you type a title into a new post, we will suggest other existing discussions on the forum that include the same word(s) as you type them!

For example, if you’re asking a question about long stay pets, the new suggestion feature will show you matching discussions that have “long stay” in the title of the post. We will show you all discussions you have permission to view including ones from groups or communities (like Best Friends Digital Community) you’re a member of.

Clicking on one of the suggested discussions will open the existing thread in a new tab so you can review it and see if your question has already been answered.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for and want to use your own custom title, select the “Add My Discussion Title” to dismiss the suggestive feature. To momentarily close the suggestive feature, click “Cancel” to continue creating your post.

See More option to view entire discussion from feed

Never lose your place in the feed again! Now you’re able to view the content of a longer discussion all from the feed. Simply click on the teal “See More” text to see all of the post’s content including tags, attachments, images and formatting all from the feed.

Announcements and Resources are now included in your Community Digest Emails

To help so you don’t miss out on the latest announcements and community resources, new announcements and resources will now be included in your Community Digest emails.

Previously, announcements were sent to you if you had News/Suggestions turned On for the forum and you received them as individual emails. To help lower the number of notifications, you can now opt to receive updates about announcements or resources in a daily, weekly or monthly digest email.

Be sure to visit your Notification Settings page to adjust how frequently you would like to be notified.

+ Several new updates to groups!

Tags: Recommended & Popular

Tags have been revamped in groups to help organize and guide discussions. On the right hand side of every group page, you’ll see a list of group tags and a number of how many posts within the group have used the tag!

Recommended tags are set up by group owners/moderators. Group admins can set up these tags by clicking on the Manage drop-down and selecting “Recommended Tags

When creating a group discussion, you can easily add recommended tags by clicking on them or you can enter your own tag name.

Filter Group Discussions by tags

Clicking on a tag anywhere within the group will take you to the filter tags page. Or click on the filter icon next to Popular Tags

From the filter group discussions by tags page, you can either click an existing group tag on the right side or you can type in a tag name at the top of the page

You can add as many tags as you want to really hone in on the discussions you’re looking for. With each tag you add, we will display group discussions that include all of your selected tags. To remove a tag, click on the “x” in the top right of the tag.

Sharing a group post to the public forum

You may have seen public group discussions ending up in the forum recently. This month, we’ve added an additional feature to help public group discussions appear within the wider forum to increase the number of people who will see your post.

Now when you create a post in a public group and it gets shared to the wider forum, you’ll see the following pop-up that prompts you to choose a forum topic that most closely relates to your post. This will help your public group post to be seen by more people who follow or are experts in the related topic.

Shareable Group Link

We’ve added a new way to share the link to your public, private or hidden group! From the group members module on the right side of your group page OR from the Invite button on your My Groups page, you’ll see a new option for “Share Group Link”.

With this link, you can easily copy and paste the URL of the group into emails, texts or wherever you want people to be able to see/access your group.

Keep in mind that sharing the link does not override any group settings setup by the owner so standard group rules like moderator approval or screening questions still apply.

Invite Members To Join Group Based On Their Location

From the Create Group or Edit Group page, you can now add a member’s location to the optional group characteristics section!

By adding a member’s location, your group will appear in “Groups I’m Eligible To Join” for member’s who match the city and/or state. For example, if you’re creating a group for member’s who live in an affected natural disaster area, simply add the city or state and we will invite/display your group to those in the area.

Group Admins Ability To Add Suggested Content

Now group admins or moderators can add Suggested Content that applies to their group on the right column. Suggested content must be a link to content that exists somewhere on the world wide web.

Use the “Add” button and paste the URL of the content you want to add. Select “Get Data” to begin fetching details about the content. You can edit the title or description of the suggested content before adding to your group.