This month’s forum enhancements include changes to following discussions, seeing previews of links in posts & comments and group admins can now see each of their group member’s notification settings for their group!

Click on the videos below to see the new features in action.

Following Discussions

The following discussion option (formerly known as pinned discussions) has been updated in a few ways:

1. To follow a discussion, click the Follow button on the post.

2. When you comment on a discussion, you will now be automatically following that discussion. That means you will be notified when new comments are made on that post.

3. Discussions that you follow will appear on your shortcuts column (left column on desktop, Star menu on mobile) under Followed Discussions. You can unfollow discussions by clicking on the Star icon next to the discussion title.

4. To toggle the auto-following feature, go to your Notification Settings page and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the setting for “Automatically Follow Discussions I Comment On

5. You can adjust how often you receive updates about Discussions you follow under the Activity Related To Me section of your Notification Settings page with the "Replies on discussions I follow" option. When turned on, you will receive them as part of your Daily/Weekly Digest or as Real Time emails, depending on your Digest Email frequency.

See Previews of Links in Posts & Comments

When you add a link to a website in discussions or comments, you’ll now see more details about the website.

The link preview will show you the URL, the title of the page and a short description about the content.

The preview will automatically be generated for you when you enter a URL. You can choose to remove the preview content by clicking on the “x” in the top corner.

On a published link, simply click on the image or the teal text to open the website in a new tab!

Group Admins: See Your Member’s Notification Frequency

To help group admins and moderators understand who is receiving notifications about their group, we’ve added each member’s setting next to their name on the Admin Group Members page.

Please note: admins cannot make changes to these notification settings. You’re only able to see what frequency it is set to.