So we had our new puppy about four days when our adult dog over corrected the puppy. It was more then a nip though puppy wasnt injured. Our adult dog was playing fetch and became overly focused. She had warned the puppy a couple times by barring teeth. when the puppy got to close our adult dog latched on the puppy growling and almost wanting to fight causing puppy to yelp about 3-5 seconds then we seperated them. Im wondering what can be done to make good interactions as i think this hurt their bond. Our adult dog has done similar things to other dogs this wants the first time. They seem fine around each other now for the most part and have even played together again. Is there anything i can do for our adult dog to become more comfortable with the puppy. I understand adult dogs arent fond of puppies and she will need her space but we have come to the part where the puppy no longer wants to be seperated from everyone and im nervous that even if im watching like a hawk our adult dog will become to stressed or jealous if we leave the puppy out to long.