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  • hey, im a 14 yr old gerbil owner with 2 gerbils aged around 4 months and around 1.5 yrs old. i received the older gerbil from a friend (D) because D's friend died and she was depressed. the owner didnt want her anymore. after having D for a while, i decided to get a friend. multiple websites said that a younger female would work best so i got Z (younger gerbil.) when i tried introducing them after about 7 days of the split cage method, i let them together and after about 4 minutes they started biting and fighting :( i immediently separated them after that and now they each have their own cage. i give them toys and things to chew on but i can tell they are lonely and i am scared to reintroduce them. what do i do?? #General #gerbil View Discussion

  • Hi! I read this post where Djangobrand and Dogowner shares their best tips for new pet bloggers. I just started my own pet blog and figured it might be relevant to others. Even though the tips are primarily aimed towards dog blogs, I think they work for any kind pf pet blog! Here are the tips for the lazy ones We (Steph and Mike) launched Django Dog Blog in late 2016 before launching DJANGO, a travel and adventure dog gear company. At the time, we were living and working remotely in Portland, Oregon with our long-haired dachshund Django (@djangothegent on Instagram). Every weekend we’d leave the city and go hiking and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. In mid 2017, we took Django on our honeymoon to Europe. All of these travels and adventures with our adventure dog inspired us to launch Django Dog Blog and focus our content largely on pet travel and adventure. In the past few years, we’ve also expanded our content to cover important dog health topics and high-quality product finds. With every Django Dog Blog article, we aim to answer important questions we ourselves have had as loving dog owners who take their four-legged family everywhere” “Try and find a niche within a huge topic and drill down for some of the less competitive areas not covered by the big players in the niche. At least do this until your site matures and gains plenty of visibility. You can then move into more competitive topics.” “Write about important, interesting, ... View Discussion

  • I have been frequently using and I absolutely love it! I was just curious what other sites pet parents like to visit. #General View Discussion

  • If you are an employee or volunteer for an animal shelter, foster-based rescue, or humane society - PLEASE take my short, anonymous survey! (<-- survey link!) Our research study, sponsored by PetSmart Charities, has been designed to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on shelter animal populations, and more specifically, their ability to access veterinary care. We want to hear from YOU about what it has been like trying to care for these vulnerable animals in the midst of a global pandemic. We are about 40 responses from our goal, and your participation in this survey will offer valuable insights in to how we can best adapt, support one another, and move forward as an industry as animal caregivers. Thank you so much for your time, and we look forward to learning from you! #covid19 #AccesstoCare #coronavirusresponse #coronavirus #researchstudy #covid-19 #survey #research #General View Discussion

  • Dear Cat Friends, INTRO I am huge fan of cats and an academic who has recently done work in the field of mammal paralinguistics. Because of this research, my colleagues and I have decided to work on an app to help owners monitor the wellbeing of their cats. WHY I AM WRITING We are trying to making a difference, and I am writing to you for help. We are looking for a few cat owners to comment on the application we are developing. We have created an online questionnaire that allows owners to do so. Here is the link: THE QUESTIONNAIRE It will take you five minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can upload your cat's picture at the end, and we will create a webpage with all cats who helped us, thanking them publicly. Your answers are completely anonymous and will not be shared with anyone else. THE APP IN BRIEF Our research indicates that many people misinterpret their cat's state, even those that own cats for a long time. The first version of our app will focus therefore on helping owners to correctly identify the emotional state of cats. We will use a combination of algorithms and computer vision technology for that. Later versions of the app will focus on other health metrics. Computer vision, for example, will be used to diagnose conjunctivitis. NOTE We posted in this forum with the permission of the administrator, who graciously decided to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in this thread ... View Discussion

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    Cushings Disease

    Is anybody familiar with Cushings Disease? I have been to three vets, they have all said different things. The vet that first mentioned it, said he could tell by the blood test results and "other symptoms her body has" He suggested a low dose dexamethasone test. Since that exam I have been learning about it and my dog does seem to have some of the symptoms, panting, muscle loss. She does not have any of the symptoms people often notice first, increased thirst and urination, she actually has decreased thirst. Her coat is great, second vet said not Cushings because no hair loss. Then I am told hair loss not necessary. I cant seem to get a consistent answer. I was told if she is not drinking more and urinating more, that type can't be treated. I hate to put her thru the stress of the 8 hour test just because a vet wanted to make some money on diagnostics. Has anybody experienced Cushings, in dogs? Maybe a good link to good information. Any help or assistance will be so very much appreciated. I can post her blood results and symptoms, but was not sure if that was allowed. Thanks. #PetHealthandNutrition #symptomsdiagnosistreat View Discussion

  • My 5yr old female chiuaha is currently being treated for an upper respiratory infection that is causing fluid in the top lobes of her lungs. My vet and I don't know how long she has had this. Her lungs are going to be permanently damaged. How can I control the cough she is going to have for the rest of her life. She is a beautiful, loving, high energy, and very playful girl. #PetHealthandNutrition View Discussion

  • Hi, My org is new to Maddie's Pet Assistant. I was starting to enter some foster info and the email address for one person was wrong. Now I can’t find a way to get a list of fosters in order to delete it. The foster logged in to the app and tried to do it from that end and it won’t work. She tried to add a foster pet and our org didn’t show up on the drop down list. She manually added it and filled out the 1st survey but it never made it to our admin page for review. I’m so confused and would appreciate any help. Thanks! #General View Discussion

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    hi charlotte

    just a test ------------------------------ Kim Domerofski ------------------------------ View Discussion

  • The Bengal cat, like other cats, is a carnivore, which means that its diet must contain meat. Bengal cat digestive system is controlled and is able to extract all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and fats from meat. As a Bengal cat owner, I think this diet recommendation may help you. Avoid foods rich in cereals. Most available cat diets contain many grains, such as barley, rice, corn, or wheat. These pills are designed to help increase the size of cat food at a low price. So the first recommendation to feed Bengal is to avoid foods that contain grains. They cannot digest large amounts of grains, and if you feed too many grains in Bengal this can lead to digestive problems. Be sure to buy grain-free cat food, which although a bit expensive compared to generic brands, will make Bengal happier. Raw meat Most Bengali cat owners feed their pets raw meat, although some veterinarians generally oppose this practice However, eating a diet of fresh meat can be beneficial for skin problems and stomach problems. Though there are various types of Bengal cat such as snow Bengal cat , brown Bengal cat. But all bengal cat like to eat meat. You can feed your bengal only meat, no other food is recommended. Meat is enough to fulfill their needs. #PetHealthandNutrition #bengalcatdiet #cathealth #petdiet #bengalcat View Discussion

  • Hi folks, I have a litter of seven 17 day old puppies, they weight average 2.6 lbs. I am not new to dogs or rescues or training but I am new to neonates and despite tons of research I have not found a vet experienced with young puppy problems - so here I am today. I am not judging vets or anyone, just worried for these little guys. I need advice from people with EXPERIENCE successfully raising neonates. I have the Mom, and all 7 pups, shepherd hound mix (Mom looks just like a black Pharaoh hound would, 45 lbs.) all seeming healthy and growing fast from birth. Mom was not dewormed, so now has giardia popping up in her stool, she has had diarrhea more than not no matter what I try and despite loads of nutritional nursing bitch food and supplements her milk is almost nonexistent, probably due to the parasitic stress and she is a naturally thin, athletic 2 year old. Per a vet's recommendation we bottle fed them on Esbilac, which I learned from breeders can make them bloated and gassy. As a result of their parasite load (they were dewormed on pyrantel at 2 weeks), and being kept a little too warm (live and learn) after day 10, and the goats milk esbilac, they are terribly constipated. They have very healthy appetites, and now NOT dehydrated, but I never see them poop and their abdomens are tight. FYI I switched to Myra's formula and they love it. A week ago they were crying and panting it was so bad, now that ... View Discussion

  • 7 Things cat hate most If you're a cat lover then you know the cats are over-sensitive creatures but not exactly in the way you may think. Sometimes their behavior is just misunderstood, in this article we'll discuss the top 7 things cats hate that you should avoid. Low Temperatures Cats like temperatures of 20 degrees higher than human’s ideal temperature. In fact, a cat's coat isn't made to protect them from low temperatures. On the contrary, their coat protects their delicate skin from extreme heat. If your cat stays at a cold temperature for a long time, it may get infected with various types of cat diseases. Stale Food You may think that dry or wet food lasts for several days but it doesn't. Cats will eat fresh food that is newly opened, but they won't touch it after that. Cats need to eat daily but not in the same way that dogs do. If your cat is picking up their food they are telling you that they don't like it. Because it may be stale or they don't like the flavor. High-Pitched Sounds While cats hear low-pitched noises about just as well as we do. They can pick up high-pitched sounds much better than humans. Their range goes even beyond that of dogs. High-pitched noises cats come in ways you would not expect— ambulance sirens, loud music, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners or even your phone's ringtone are some of the high-pitched sounds that cats hate. This is another reason that we should never shout at our kitties, as this only causes ... View Discussion

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    My Introduction

    Hi, my name is Shannon. I live right outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The summer organization that I'm with is Clermont County Humane Society, (or Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society Foster Program/CACHS.) If I could be any animal, I'd probably pick to be a cat. So I could walk around and get spoiled (hopefully), be lazy when I wanted, and hold grudges. 😊😊😊 I'm new here and to fostering. I've had my 1st foster kittens for 12 days nows and I'm loving it. I'm fostering four 8½ week old kittens. I just wanted to say hello and ask a couple of questions. Can you post pictures on the community groups? What's your daily routine look like? Thanks & take care. #FosteringaPet View Discussion

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  • Hello Pet Parents, I´m working currently on a project using new technologies to translate cats and dogs behavior, feelings and detect early disease sign. We have put together a short survey (2:00). I would be delighted to have your feedback : that would tremendously help us to develop the tech for animal welfare ! #diseasemanagement #PetBehaviorandTraining #emotions #behaviormodifications View Discussion

  • Hello Everyone, my name is Brian Jones, and I would like to offer something quite unique here that might be of interest to people who deeply care about helping animals.. I don't claim to know how this works, and of course, there is a long story behind my personal experiences and sensitivities, but I will keep this directly to the point. I am able to access information from the minds of animals by facilitating the reception of and interpretation of telepathic information through unique processing of the audio recordings I produce, capturing these vocal energies and vibrations of all species of animals. This is not a strictly professional service I am suggesting, just wanting to offer my gifts to help animals and people who care about them to the point of volunteering my services to advance the understanding. If anyone has anything they'd like to tell or ask me, please feel free to contact me through FB messenger, or email me at I would like to link two short audio presentations of dogs here that some people may find fascinating, profound, and quite important toward understanding what is on the animal's heart and mind. #PetBehaviorandTraining View Discussion

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    7 month old Kitty

    My kitten has developed a whitish, filmy area in both of her eyes. Reminds me of glaucoma. Any idea what this could be and how to treat it? #PetHealthandNutrition View Discussion

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    Hello, it's me!

    It's me... testing! ------------------------------ Gidget Domerofski ------------------------------ View Discussion

  • Im a doberman pincher owner who lives in nyc. I bought a puppy last November and she was 2months old with all dew claw removed and health certificated, but once i got her and early this year i figured that she has huge allergies(seasonal, born with skin problem) and one of her dew claw is growing back and shes in a huge pain because of that. The medical bills are so expensive for those treatments and especially dewclaw removal again is not a easy surgery for her(doberman pincher 8month old 55lbs now) also needs specific blood test only for doberman pincher surgery and that cost about 250-300$ just itself. Does this i need to pay all by myself or is it something the original breeder should take care with their vet where first dewclaws were done??? **i already spend $7-900for allergy care and still working on her skin problem, and when i ask my vet about her dewclaw problem, my vet said just surgery itself will be at least $500 without blood test and anesthesia fee.** I wish i could just leave her dewclaw grow but shes in A HUGE PAIN. I have no choice for re removal. #General View Discussion

  • You should know, I am an absolute softy when it comes to animals. What you should know even more is how much my beautiful doggies mean to me. Over the past few weeks my beautiful Maccy has not been well at all. He has been having seizures and we have had various tests done and they suspect it is a brain tumour. As you can imagine we are heartbroken to say the least!! We need to get an MRI scan done to determine what we can do next. He is only 8 and needs to be back to running around like a nutcase again. Mine and my sister’s lovely friends have helped by setting up a Go Fund Me Page as the insurance won’t cover it and they have quoted over £4K . I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to please donate & share to the page below to help us be able to pay for his MRI. Please, please, please share this on your social media to help get the funds he needs. We are trying to find ways of sharing this post and try and get as many donations as possible. ANY HELP OR ADBVICE IS MUCH APPRECIATED! xxx #donations #bleeding #braintumor #ilovemydogs #General #lowincomevetcare #funding #financialassistance #pain #helpus #sharemystory View Discussion

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    Such Small Hands

    If you are interested in companion animal welfare, you might be interested in . . . #General #rescuedogs #training #fosterdogs #behavior #adoptingadog #animalwelfare #aversives View Discussion

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    Washer and dryer

    I belong to a group of people that want to buy a Washer and Dyer for a local rescue facility. The family goes through donated in home type machines that can’t handle the hair. I believe we want to buy a commercial machine but don’t know what brands to look at. We know that commercial machines are expensive as is the installation. My questions are - Brand and model number (if not too hard to get) Satisfaction with the machine Recommendations or considerations in buying a machine Thank you very much for your time! , #General View Discussion

  • This webinar presented by The National Kitten Coalition will teach you the down and dirty basics about diarrhea in kittens. Understand the causes, know what you can do to provide supportive care, and learn about treatment options to address a variety of diarrhea causes. As always, the webinar will include a wealth of information, and there will also be time for Q & A. Register at: #FosteringaPet View Discussion

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  • Join us this Wednesday, May 13th at 3:00PM EDT. Bottle-baby kittens are already arriving in many parts of our country - and in some places, the kitten season never stops! Kittens under 4 weeks of age or 'bottle-baby kittens' need trained fosters to save their lives. Have you thought about fostering kittens? Have you fostered already, but would like to know more? Learn what to expect and how to prepare for fostering kittens less than 4 weeks old, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can save lives! Please share this link with your organization and partners on social media so you can recruit new kitten fosters! #FosteringaPet View Discussion

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    Please help these animals

    Hi I’m Mary I come across this nonprofit rescue organization who takes care of cats and dogs have run out of resources to even feed the cats ! They are full of cases and really need help! Their Instagram is @ gatofelizvenezuela where lots more information is and where he posts everything. Donating is the only way to feed and treat these animals some of them with very bad injuries, $1 helps. Their ZELLE : Luis prado #General View Discussion

  • This may apply too a lot of you, just a few, or maybe even none. Personally I experience bad skin problems while doing this. Maybe it's from stress I'm not too sure though. I found this great page on Facebook called dermagenicss about 3 months ago. They've helped me tremendously with my skincare. I'm only making this post just incase anyone is having similar issues at me and need a solution. If i helped even one person i'll be satisfied. Hopefully this helps, if this doesn't apply to you then just keep scrolling. Thank you, and have a great day everyone. #General #dogs View Discussion

  • Hello Maddie's folks, I am looking at either Fostering or adopting a cat. Consider Foster because I have never owned a cat, only dogs, so wanted to see what it is like. But open to both. I live in an apartment pretty spacious, alone. Need an affectionate cat that can travel with me at times (PTSD) I travel for work and would want to bring her w me on some trips. I know some cats like to travel, some don't. Wanting breed recommendations. I can have allergies, but not always and I would take very good care of my cat's health and coat-I am a Nutritionist. Probably cook her food and give her probiotics. I also wondered if anyone could tell me an approximate monthly cost for caring for a cat. I will say I am not very fond of taking pets to the Veterinary, as I have ethical issues with how many over charge and over do treatments, drugs and procedures. We had a golden that got cancer and the Vet couldn't do anything useful to help him, so I put him on probiotics, turmeric and turkey tail mushroom. Cancer went away! From that point on I knew I could use my human nutritional education on a dog, but I have a lot less experience with cats. I am very loving, nurturing, like to pet, hold, play with my animals. I have raised and cared for many dogs. Would love recommendation and guidance. I am a little nervous but ready for this new journey in my life. Blessings to all animals caregivers and lovers. Kristina #catinanapartment #itwillbemyfirstcat #Adop ... View Discussion

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    Food Aggression

    What are dome reasons a dog who has never shown food aggression all of a sudden start? Are there things that can be done to put a stop to it? I have a 7 year old pit mix and 3 cats. The dog Thumper has all of a sudden started showing aggression towards the cats when I am eating or when he has treats such as his Kong toys. I want everyone to coexist peacefully like we had finally achieved! TIA! #foodaggression #PetBehaviorandTraining View Discussion

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    Okay, so yesterday we started fostering a big ol 35 lbs. Pit-mix who is 4 months old. My existing pup, a 2 year-old Huskador is NOT happy.. the puppy tries playing (and mounting, he is fixed) and all my poo up does is growl and I have no Idea why! He is normally a hyper, let's play all day kinda pup!! What can I do!?! #FosteringaPet View Discussion

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    White Nails on Dog

    Hi I am fostering to hopefully adopt a young 30 pound retriever/Dalmatian mix. We noticed all his toe nails (10) are white. Is that normal? I looked up that changing colors of nails could be a bacteria but I don't know what color his nails were before. We also is itchy very much (after a flea/tick bath and a dawn bath). We also gave him a flea pill and have started applying lime dip and is still itching a lot. Wondering if the nails and skin could be related or perhaps white nails are normal? #skin #toenail #PetHealthandNutrition #dog #itchy #white View Discussion

  • Does anyone have experience with putting two feral cats that don’t know each other, together for a working/barn cat program? I have a barn with a single cat and we have a single cat looking for a barn? Will they likely get along? Will one of them run off after the new cat is released after his 2 week confinement period? Is there anyway to monitor this? #General View Discussion

  • Want to start with the reminder how cats are social animals and when we develop a relationship with them, whether at home, in the neighborhood (strays, feral) the possibilities are infinite for therapy to happen and emotional support every day. Learn how to treat them. Discover their potential. #allcatsaretherapycats #fromacatwhisperer #PetBehaviorandTraining View Discussion

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    Senior Cat Care

    Just wondering how other shelters take are of their senior cats. We have about 15-20 senior cats that are getting up there in age and I want to know what others are using as far as supplements or any additives that would help them. We currently just use Lysine powder in their food but I feel like we could be doing a little more for them. Thank you all in advance! #PetHealthandNutrition View Discussion

  • Hi all, Hope you're safe and well and managing as best as possible during this time. RedRover is providing financial assistance for pet boarding while pet owners are ill and unable to care for their pets due to the COVID-19 virus. More information including the online application can be found here: . Please pass this information along (I've also attached a press release) and feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks! #General View Discussion

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  • I picked up my foster with intention to adopt yesterday. She's 2 years and 11 lbs. She has not eaten or drank since we got home last night. Now this morning she vomited...white phlegm-like consistency. My rescue paperwork says this can be part of the transition but if it persists after 2 days I should call them. My concern is the vomiting. She's been sleeping most of the time too. She was transported from Texas to NY just 5 days ago. She's on antibiotic doxycycline for 2 weeks and panacur powder for worms for 5 days which I am told is standard treatment. Since she is not eating she wouldn't take the panacur powder with peanut butter. Did anyone have a similar experience? What was the outcome? Thank you #PetHealthandNutrition View Discussion

  • Before you adopt, or when you adopt, consider honing your doggy communication savvy, as doing is an early step to helping you prevent future behavior concerns . Here's a recorded webinar created especially for dog owners and others trying to understand their dogs. Dog rescues, foster caregivers, and anyone else living with or working around dogs may be well-served by this overview of the myriad ways that dogs communicate with us and with each other. (Note: Webinar is designed for laypeople, not dog trainers.) Surveying the physical positions, expressions, and actions that dogs employ to communicate, the webinar contents are supported by photos, video, and audio explanations. Registrants are encouraged to email us during or after the webinar with any follow up questions they might have. Special Offer: Only $25 while we continue to refine our equipment! Fees support our continuing humane programs. Important Instruction: We will email you webinar-access instructions after you register, so please be sure to provide or send us your current email address immediately upon registering. Once we receive your email address, you'll receive access instructions within 24 hours. Questions? Email us at Info at Protect Them All . org #AdoptingaPet #dogbehaviorsignals #dogbodylanguage #dogvocalizations View Discussion

  • We are a week into fostering a 2yr old female cat who may have come from a hoarding situation with a very large number of cats - and we assume little to no human interaction. Her basic functions are fine - food and litter box. She has no interest in play and doesn't eat in our presence. We expected her to be very shy - and she is. She will tolerate scratching with a back scratcher and sometimes a hand, but only while in her carrier where she spends her time when she's not hiding in another private dark space. By the second night with us she was ready to leave her carrier and "Her Bathroom" and explore the apt at night when she thought she was alone. She now seems to explore every night and only seems to be afraid of us - 2 humans - and light - lights/daylight etc. I've tried to read things online about how to slowly encourage her to show interest in our existence and comfort with our space. The thing I'm not seeing others talk about/advice about is cats that are only comfortable in the dark. I wonder if she lived mostly in dark spaces? I've only lived with cats that like windows (Bird watching!) and sunshine naps (also humans). Any advice to help her adjust would be welcome - I understand each cat adjusts in its own time - and it can take months - but it seems it could be more challenging to try to bond with a cat that is only comfortable in dark places/overnight. (I have tried bringing her into a room during day or eve in her open carrier and covering with with a thick ... View Discussion

  • FREE humane dog equipment safety mini-webinar from Protect Them All. #collars #harnesses #carsafety #equipment #PetBehaviorandTraining #leashwalking #dogsafety View Discussion

  • we have recently run up an extremely high bill with our vet because one of our rescues had been seriously injured after he was run over in the yard by his old owner. we knew that we would not be able to raise that much of money by solely asking for donations on facebook however in desperation we did what we thought was best and we along and got the child treated irregardless of the hectic bill we would encounter however we are now left with an even bigger issue because our boys toe needs amputation and the vet will not do this procedure until the vet bill is paid up full and i understand their concern because this is our first case with them. my question is has anyone successfully received grants from overseas we are currently sitting with a bill of close to $450 after our donations and because of the covid virus selling cupcakes will not sell as per usual. what other sucessful ways have you used to raise money for vet bill. i am a south african based org. we are not older than 6 months old. any advice would be be kindly appreciated. kind regards laurencia #General View Discussion

  • The Fearful Dogs Project offers a self-paced, distance learning course in fearful dog needs and well-being. If you're seeking to get better at helping your scaredy dog or others' fearful dogs, consider this course. #fearfuldog #PetBehaviorandTraining #puppymill #fear #hoarding #feraldog #howtohelpascareddog #anxiousdog #shydog #semi-feraldog #anxiety View Discussion

  • Our charity animal welfare org, Protect Them All, provides anti-aversives education and training info that is crucial for the public to have. Here's one area of knowledge that many people don't realize they need until it's too late. Breaking up dog fights/bites. Some dogs are attacked by strange dogs during walks. Others squabble amongst themselves at home. Learn the best options for dealing with dog fights, as well as what not to do. Everyone who loves and lives with or works around dogs needs this information! Internationally renowned aggression expert Michael Shikashio, CDBC, will explain the options for a variety of situations. Webinar premiers March 15, 2020. Register at #dogattack #dogfights #safety #dogbite #PetBehaviorandTraining #dogaggression #dog-dogaggression View Discussion

  • PUPPY FOSTERS: How do your contain your foster puppies? 1) What does your setup look like? 2) Pros and cons? 3) Would your group gain more puppy fosters with better enclosures? The problems I've had with containing puppies are: 1) Protecting my floor from pee, poo, water, nails and teeth 2) Keeping pen in place when puppies push on it 3) Having enough space for both mom and puppies while keeping EVERYONE contained 4) Making all surfaces bleachable to kill stuff like Parvo I ask because I am designing a durable, self-contained, waterproof, sanitizable, modular puppy pen with interchangeable parts that can be assembled into a variety of sizes and configurations: 1) Available in any size in 2' increments from 4'x4' to 10'x10' 2) Whelping box w/ bumper rails 3) Whelping box /w bumper rails and attached Mama Suite 4) Weaning pen w/ attached Mama Suite or Mama Loft 5) Wire pen in both 24" for puppies and small mamas and 48" for big mamas. We are in the final stages of design and testing but hope to offer these products this spring. If you have thoughts, requests, ideas or have pictures of your current puppy setup please comment below. Thank you! Your feedback will help us create the most cost effective, practical and useful solutions to fostering challenges. If you would like to be notified when this product is available for purchase, join our mailing list #puppyfostering #puppyenclosure #fosteringalitter ... View Discussion

  • Sign up today for the Community Cats Podcast Virtual Behavior Day on February 8, 2020 from 10am-5pm EST with Tabitha Kucera and Dr. Rachel Geller. Learn about all things cat handling, cat scratching, litter box issues, fear free and more... The sessions are being recorded so if you can stay all day you can get access to the recordings. #communitycatspodcast #litterbox #fearfree #felinebehavior #PetBehaviorandTraining #catscratching View Discussion

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    Cruelty exams

    When animals come in from a cruelty case, do you give all preventatives and dewormers at the time of their cruelty exam or do you give them at a later date? #PetHealthandNutrition #crueltyinvestigation View Discussion

  • Hello I am Bernie Please i just took up macaw breeding as a hobby after my mom passed away because they were her favorite birds. I am looking to get more information ( on how to expand my breeding program and make it enjoyable for everyone. #PetHealthandNutrition View Discussion

  • My sweet boy , 2 year old black labrador, was playing ball in October and while running for the ball fell to ground and howled. I got him, "Hank" into his vet. Conservative care and xrays were done, with the diagnosis of a ruptured or torn ACL. The treatment was medicine for pain, inflammation and sedative. This helped tremendously. The doctor said if he needed surgery it would cost up to and possibly higher to the tune of $3800. Not counting medications, and physical therapy. Hank did well up until this month. January, he began limping or not using the back left leg and the pain was back worse than before. Today his veterinarian put him back on meds and told me to see if I can find any assistance with the surgery needed. She also told me to contact Purdue to see their prices that she would refer to any othe doctor that could do the surgery for less than her. However, the doctor also said that we could try , Stem Cell and it may help to heal. With no guarantee, just like his surgery could only be a 50/50 chance of helping. My questions are, Has anyone had to do this surgery on a lab with an abundance of energy? If so, how was the outcome? Has anyone heard of Stem cell replacement for such a bad injury on a dog? Does anyone know who might be able to help with these costs as I am on SSDI and work only 20 hours a week. Any suggestions on helping my baby boy Hank with all concerns ? Does Purdue offer low cost care? Any ideas, suggestions, and help would be appreciated. ... View Discussion

  • If an animal is going into foster care it is usually because they’ve been uprooted and need a safe place to land. Some animals are happy to see you no matter what but the rest are usually stunned and scared. They don’t know what is happening to them when you pick them up and they have no idea how good they are about to have it living with you. Creating a calm, comforting experience from the beginning will make your foster’s transition into your home much easier for everyone. Read ' How to Prepare For and Pick Up Your New Foster ' Also Get Foster Pick Up Checklist: Supply list Shelter contact information Basic medical & behavior information Medication tracking form Symptom & behavior log For litters: Early Neurological Stimulation & weight chart #FosteringaPet View Discussion

  • How do stop a dog from attacking the vacuum cleaner when your trying to vacuum #General View Discussion

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  • #PetBehaviorandTraining #anxiousdog #dogtraining #feraldog #behaviormodification #puppy-milldog #fearfuldog #dogbehavior #semi-feraldog View Discussion

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  • We have a challenging dog, he is very sweet with people, passed him temp eval in the shelter, but is now very dog reactive. Does anyone know of a reputable, responsible board and train in the So California area that works with tough, strong dogs, and works with rescues? He is a good boy and we really need some help #PetBehaviorandTraining View Discussion

  • Cats are my babies, and I try to keep them as clean as possible, but somehow, they are still fleabags. Pet care is no joke! I have always been wary of using chemicals on them, and it seems like I have the best solution now. I am definitely going to try out the natural spray on them. Thanks! #General View Discussion

  • Hi, We are a new start-up in market research phase exploring the creation of financial tools for pet-owners. We know Maddie's Pet Forum is a thriving and helpful community of pet owners and are hoping you could help us out. We'd really appreciate it if you took 3 minutes to answer the 15 questions in this survey to help us determine overall interest in an exciting concept we're exploring. Thank you for taking the time to read this and complete our survey. Your feedback is appreciated. Hope your day is full of quality animal interaction and content! #survey #General View Discussion

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    Pet Portraits

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I wanted to mention that I do custom pet portraits if anyone is interested. They make a great gift and they are a wonderful way to memorialize a lost loved one. You can see more at my website ! #General #portrait #dogportrait #catportraits View Discussion