Director of Research
Posted February 28, 2020 at 11:40 PM Under "Animal & Population Management"
Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

Hi everyone,

We're excited that you're interested in continuing the conversation about big dogs. Please introduce yourself here- your name, your org, what length of stay is considered a long stay dog at your organization, how many long stay dogs you have, and what you plan to do to get started to help your big dogs.

  • April 07, 2020 at 04:50 PM

    Greetings my name is Kathryn Genova from the Humane Society of Harris County, GA. 90% of our dog population is over 40 pounds. We seldom have any small dogs and few puppies. Our average LOS is 121 days. We currently have 5 difficult to place dogs that have been with us between 1000 to 250 days. Our team will begin a series of meetings beginning tomorrow (social distancing and masks required) that will develop an evaluation and management system fashioned similarly to Dr Jefferson’s Big Dog presentation at AmPA. Once the ideal plan is laid out we then have to review and choose those parts we can realistically do with only 4 staff members and approximately 2 to 3 volunteers. We have been working hard with our hard to place dogs but lack continuity between animals and people. Look forward to hearing what is working and being tried at other agencies. Thank you for the add.