The following message was received from Flagler Humane Society in Palm Coast, FL:

Dorian’s devastation has been monumental. Please help Flagler Humane Society prepare to rescue suffering animals from the Bahamas!

FHS is in partnership with statewide agencies such as the Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations (, monitoring and willing to assist the devastated Bahamian animal shelters and communities. The lead agency in the effort, The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is conducting assessments and we will share updates as we learn more.

For us to lend assistance, it is paramount for us to clear space in our shelter and adopt out animals that are residing there now. Our board of directors is personally sponsoring adoptions beginning Wednesday, September 11th. If you have room in your home and a place in your heart, now would be a great time to adopt. You will be rescuing two animals today because, in addition to saving the one that you adopt, you are making room in our shelter to save one from the destruction in the Bahamas.

Yes, our hearts are breaking for the people and animals of the Bahamas and we wish to help. Therefore, we are now waiving adoption fees on most animals in need of loving homes to open space for welcoming victims of the hurricane. If we cannot place the animals currently in our care, we will be powerless to help. Please consider adopting now. If you absolutely cannot adopt, we would welcome more adoption sponsors so that we may continue the fee waived adoptions. You may sponsor one or a bunch, it’s completely up to you. For more information on sponsoring adoptions, please contact