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Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
February 19, 2020 at 02:51 PM

Which conferences are you planning to attend this year?

Conference time is right around the corner! With the American Pets Alive! Conference kicking off next week in Austin from Feb. 28 to March 1st, there is always more to learn about increasing your lifesaving!

Which conferences are you planning to attend this year? What do you hope to learn?

If you need some ideas of which conferences to attend...See More

  • I'll be attending AmPA! next week and very excited. My first time! I'll also be attending Best Friends Conference in Orlando in June. It is one that I try to get to each year. Inspiring, engaging, ...
  • What is the difference between best friends and Austin pets alive?
  • Attended the UGA Shelter Medicine Symposium & going to my first HSUS Expo! :-)
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CEO, Save All The Pets
5 hrs, 7 mins. ago

Exciting announcement! Using data to save lives

Just wanted to announce that we're getting very close to implementing our pilot program to save lives using data science! I now have (fingers crossed) three national media organizations that want to cover it! Much more at our website, Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about it! This is the future of...See More

February 21, 2020 at 04:06 PM

Dog Mentor Session Sign Up for New Dog Walkers

Hi All! I am a new volunteer at PACC. I took the dog handling class and signed up for a mentor dog walking session but had to cancel it due to weather. I have been trying to reschedule but can not find "dog mentor" session in my available assignments. How can I reschedule this? I really want to start walking dogs! Thanks for your help!

February 21, 2020 at 04:05 PM

Resources for Fostering Trends Data

I'm trying to understand the foster market and its growth in the US. Can anyone recommend a resource for the following questions:

  • how many people foster pets in the US per year?
  • What is the growth rate of fostering?
  • How many shelters have foster programs?

February 21, 2020 at 02:51 PM

Capacity in Canine Behaviour Modification Programs


I'm wondering if anyone has a system created for managing an appropriate staff:dogs ratio to ensure successful behavioural modification outcomes? In other words, applying a "Capacity for Care" concept to canine behaviour programs. How do you strike a balance between staff, number of dogs on behavioural modification programs, and the...See More

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Behavior Manager
January 27, 2020 at 06:58 AM
New activity:  February 14, 2020 at 06:39 AM

Recent paper on pet adoption bios

I recently happened across this interesting article about some research by David Markowitz: His study suggested that the most "successful" pet adoption bios are focused on concrete and analytical descriptions, instead of narrative, story-telling descriptions. It is very...See More

  • I was surprised that the more analytical descriptions were more effective...which is great b/c I am pretty analytical!
  • I read this and had the same reaction @EmmeH! I ended up getting the paper thru my local college database and though it answered some questions I had -- For example, I wondered how they evaluated what ...
  • Very interesting. I would have thought the exact opposite! We tend to be "soft and fluffy" with our bios and updates on social and our website; on Petfinder, we simply post info about our application ...
Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
February 05, 2020 at 03:45 PM
New activity:  February 12, 2020 at 06:23 AM

How does your shelter or rescue come up with names for adoptable pets?

Who comes up with the names for pets that are available for adoption at your shelter or rescue?

Are there any trends you've seen that work better to catch potential adopter's eyes?

What are some of your favorite names you've seen for adoptable pets?

  • We pick a theme each month that goes paw in paw with our monthly focus or adoption promo. In tucson on February is the annual gem and mineral show. Its 3 weeks long. We do a hidden gem adoption ...
  • I name every cat I bring in, even if I have known them only for 1/2 hour. The reason is, so I can follow up on them easier, since our shelter does not allow volunteers to go in Intake or Sick Room. I ...
  • I have gotten to name a few of my foster kittens and I always feel like they are depending on me to name them something good! We named a trio of kittens Meghan, Archie and Harry (this was last summer) ...
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Volunteer (adult/behavior dogs)
January 13, 2020 at 12:06 PM
New activity:  February 12, 2020 at 01:20 AM

Animals getting lost post-adoption

Good afternoon,

I'm curious how other shelters handle problems with adopters losing their pets right after bringing them home. Also, how prevalent is this problem in other shelters?

I volunteer at a high volume municipal shelter and it *seems like the number of pets lost right after being adopted is increasing. There have been days where we've had ...See More

  • I'm not working at a shelter, but I do specialize in fostering terrified dogs. In 20 years I've seen about everything a dog can do, when they are motivated. It's humiliating to be in rescue 20 years ...
  • Realizing this is a forum open to all view points and suggestions, here is a thought. This is nothing more than "what if". Does anyone have experience with using video to teach adopters a few basic ...
  • It seems to be an education issue. People adopt who are not necessarily ready and prepared for everything they will encounter. This is perfectly understandable. However, in the era we live in now, the ...
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Maddie's Pet Forum Admin
January 22, 2020 at 02:58 PM
New activity:  February 07, 2020 at 02:33 PM

What self care techniques do you practice?

Working in animal welfare can be both physically and emotionally draining. Whether you work or volunteer in a shelter/rescue or a related organization, the animals in our lives tend to come first. But in order to perform at our best and to avoid burn out or compassion fatigue, we must first take care of ourselves.

What are your favorite ways to...See More

  • I hold yoga and tai chi classes during lunch two days a week at our shelter. We watch YouTube videos and it is very effective in reducing stress.
  • To be honest, I don't get the appeal, but apparently this coloring for grown-ups is a relaxation technique. Best Friends just sent out some pages. See attached.
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